LE BOURGET, France — MBDA is due to deliver this year to a client country its system architecture for a ground-based air defense capability, dubbed network-centric engagement solutions, or NCES, said Franck Seuzaret, head of the company's battlefield and air defense systems unit.

Seuzaret declined to disclose the client country when he presented the system on Wednesday to a news conference at the Paris Air Show. MBDA is putting the system through integration tests.

The system is designed to plug military and civil radars into a single, real-time network to give improved decision-making for air operation centers. Various air-to-ground weapons would also be plugged into the overarching network.

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This architecture seeks to be "highly resilient" and flexible, he said, so if a command and control center were lost, the control of missiles and radars plugged into that one would be transferred to another center.

The system overview can be applied at a local region up to a national level.

Nations already have command and control systems, and this aims to bring to them to a higher application, or "app" level, an MBDA spokesman said.

The system is independent of missiles already in place, and future weapons can be installed and plugged into the network, which delivers fire-control and engagement capabilities, Seuzaret said.