WASHINGTON – The Pentagon’s top acquisition official is remaining neutral following a trio of major defense merger and acquisition announcements.

Ellen Lord, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, told reporters at the 2017 AUSA Conference that her office is reviewing the proposed changes but indicated she had not made up her mind on whether to support or oppose the M&A activity.

“We’re working on those. We’ve gotten a lot of good inputs and we’re looking at” the facts, said Lord, who served as CEO of Textron Systems prior to her nomination. “I’m looking at where we are today and what we need as a country and going from there.”

The defense industry has seen a series of major M&A moves since the start of September, starting with the announcement that United Technologies, the 12th largest defense company on the annual Defense News Top 100 list, plans to purchase Rockwell Collins (40th) for $30 billion.