If you feel the need for speed, do you fly Navy or do you fly Air Force?

Actor Tom Cruise might opt for the former, especially after he implied on Twitter today that the sequel to the movie “Top Gun” had begun production. The original movie was about Navy Top Gun aviators.

The Air Force, however, gently reminded Cruise that if he truly felt the need for speed — a famous line from the movie —he should try flying an Air Force F-15E ...

... to which the Navy took exception:

Oh, we know that the original “Top Gun” wasn’t exactly ... accurate, as We Are the Mighty pointed out in exhaustive detail back in 2015. In fact, Defense News reporter Valerie Insinna had some ideas of how to make the new movie better:

What do you think? What do you want to see in the movie?

And regardless if the Air Force is correct or the Navy, the new movie will be a great chance to feel the need for speed, again.

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