KIELCE, Poland — Missile-maker MBDA is pursuing Poland’s short-range air defense contract with its Common Anti-air Modular Missile, or CAMM.

The European joint venture aims to convince decision-makers of its readiness to cooperate with Poland’s defense industry through a joint product developed with the state-run defense group PGZ, according to company representatives.

“We have an active collaboration with PGZ, and at this year’s MSPO, we’re presenting for the first time our new product, a CAMM missile launcher mounted on a Jelcz eight-wheel drive vehicle,” a spokesperson for MBDA told Defense News at the MSPO defense industry show.

The spokesperson said MBDA has “set a number of partnerships in Europe, and that’s what we’re continuing to do here. Poland has strong industrial capacities.”

“It’s not only a commercial offer we’re proposing. Several years ago, the U.K. and Poland signed a defense treaty that would allow MBDA UK to transfer an unprecedented amount of technology under this program,” the spokesperson added.

Poland’s purchase of a short-range air defense system, to be developed under the country’s Narew program, will complement ongoing efforts to secure missile defense capacities through the Wisla program. In 2018, Poland signed a deal with the U.S. to acquire Raytheon’s medium-range Patriot system. Poland’s military is scheduled to acquire two Patriot Configuration 3+ batteries in 2022.

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