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Turkey lifting objections to Sweden, Finland joining NATO
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted Sweden and Finland to abandon their long-held nonaligned status and apply to join NATO. But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had blocked the move, insisting the Nordic pair change their stance on Kurdish rebel groups that Turkey considers terrorists.
France qualifies Griffon medical evacuation vehicle variant
While VBMR Griffon vehicles have been rolling off the production line since 2019, the first Griffon SAN — indicating “sanitary” — will be delivered in 2023, the company said in a press release. Nexter, Arquus, and Thales are co-building the Griffons for the French army.
French army honing requirements for future ‘Vulcain’ robotic capability
The Vulcain study is intended as a bridge between the army’s two behemoth modernization programs, Schuster said. The ongoing Scorpion program aims to replace the service’s light- and medium-weight tactical vehicles and implement a new unified combat information system and UHF radios through 2030, while the future Titan program will focus on replacing heavy-lift vehicles — weighing more than 25 tons — along with artillery and combat helicopters through 2045.
Sweden commits to buying more Archer 155mm howitzers
The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and BAE Systems Bofors took the first step to establish an additional artillery battalion in line with Sweden’s defense strategy, which runs through 2025.
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