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Esper takes over Pentagon
Arm Secretary Mark Esper is now secretary of Defense, the first confirmed leader of the department since James Mattis departed.
Defense News Weekly full episode: May 27, 2018
On this edition of Defense News Weekly, get an insider's look at joint F-35 training, learn about cloud computing’s applications for the military and experience new gear made for soldiers.
Skill 53: Discreetly Open Garage Doors
You never know when you might need to open a garage door without an opener, but as retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains, it might just save your life. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)
A look at hidden heroes
When a service member is wounded, it can take years to recover, and that puts a toll on the service member’s family. Here's what’s being done to help those hidden heroes. (Ben Murray, Jeff Martin and Dustin Q. Diaz/Staff)
The Classics and Combat podcast
Get an inside look at the production of a podcast devoted to real and historical leaders. (Dustin Q. Diaz and Natalie Gross/Staff)
State of the US surface Navy
Naval warfare reporter David Larter offers his take on the state of the U.S. Navy's surface fleet after recently embarking with service personnel. (Jeff Martin, Dustin Diaz, Ben Murray and Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)
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