VICTORIA, British Columbia and MADRID — Spain and Canada are negotiating an agreement of a mMutual Llogistic Aarrangement (MLSA) to deploy a Spanish replenishment ship with the Canadian fleet in the North Atlantic, both navies confirmed to Defense News.  
The ship deployed "during some periods of 2016" could be the auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) Cantabria or Patiño, sources of the Spanish Navy sources said. The objective of the MLSA logistic arrangement is "to cover the Canadian navy's temporary need of logistic support vessels."
The Cantabria or Patiño would support training for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic fleet starting in January 2016. "No end date for the use of that support ship has been established," said Royal Canadian Navy spokeswoman Navy Lt. Linda Coleman. "Negotiations are still ongoing and the MLSA is not yet finalized." she added.
But starting on Oct. 18, Royal Canadian Navy sailors will be serving on the Spanish Navy supply ship Cantabria. NavyRCN spokesman Navy Lt. Len Hickey said 28 sailors will be on the ship to conduct training during NATO's Trident Juncture 15 exercise. Hickey said the training is focused on replenishment-at-sea activities as well as familiarity of engineering systems on the ship. The Canadians will be on the ship until Nov. 10, Hickey said.
The Spanish AOR Cantabria deployed with the Royal Australian Navy in 2013. The government of Australia paid the expenditures expenses of that deployment during all the year. A similar contract is expected to be reached by The Spanish Ministry of Defense is expected to reach a similar arrangement with the Royal Canadian Navy.
This year Canada has selected the German Navy's Berlin-class design to replace its two Protecteur-class supply ships, which have been removed from service.

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David Pugliese is the Canada correspondent for Defense News.

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