When it comes to generating business leads at the 2024 Singapore Airshow, Feb. 20-25, U.S. exhibitors will have an extra advantage over their competitors. In partnership with Sourcehere.com, the global supply chain networking platform, USA Partnership Pavilion organizer Kallman Worldwide will produce an interactive digital buyers guide to connect participating suppliers with more prospects on-site and online before, during, and after the show.

Sourcehere supports thousands of B2B companies around the world with tools and utilities — including direct messaging — to meet, conduct business, and build trade relationships anywhere, anytime. The company launched in 2022 with a focus on trade shows, capitalizing on spikes in market interest around events such as the Singapore Airshow to demonstrate its robust, 24/7/365 platform as an alternative to traditional printed show directories.

It’s a good fit for Kallman, whose trademark Pavilions are recognized around the world as the hub of American business at many of industry’s most important international trade events. The company’s portfolio of exhibitor services, custom stand building, supply chain support services, and workforce advocacy programs further solidifies its reputation as an enterprising partner above and beyond simply managing floor space in exhibition halls.

For Pavilion exhibitors, Sourcehere extends their reach in target sectors and adds measurable year-round marketing visibility. And for companies that aren’t exhibiting yet, the platform offers an inexpensive, cost-effective way to dip their toes in the trade show pool online before diving into live shows overseas.

“Trade shows have always been our core strength, but we’ve never thought of ourselves as just a trade show business,” said Kallman Worldwide President and CEO, Tom Kallman. “Since my father started the company in 1963, we’ve been advancing global trade, connecting suppliers and buyers wherever, whenever, however we can. Their business is a year-round conversation punctuated by trade events, and so is ours.”

As the pandemic recedes and trade shows rebound, Kallman’s schedule of events is an emphatic testament to resilience. The company is currently contracted with 47 events in 27 countries, including 11 international aerospace events, supporting more than 3,600 exhibitors with Pavilions on-site and an extended show presence online.

“The pandemic was an epic wake-up call to exporters everywhere, and the lessons we learned from the experience made us an even more valuable partner to suppliers and buyers alike,” said Kallman. “When shows were suspended, technology gave us the tools to stay connected in the short term and add capabilities to come back from COVID even stronger. Best of all, when the dust settled, none of it was at the expense of the live, often spontaneous face-to-face meetings that have been the foundation of global trade since the beginning of time.”

As Sourcehere establishes its value on the trade show floor, it’s also building equity with a wider circle of stakeholders and influencers in event communities, such as the U.S. Commercial Service.

“For American companies with business interests in Singapore and throughout the Pacific and southeast Asia, it’s important to have a local presence,” said U.S. Commercial Service Aerospace & Defense Global Team Leader, Jason Sproule. “As a supply chain networking platform, Sourcehere gives U.S. trade show exhibitors here, many of whom are also our members, an extended competitive advantage in the local business conversation.”