As conflicts around the world are on the rise, one doesn’t have to look far to understand that maintaining secure access to energy resources is critical to meet mission success and protect communities being threatened. The conflict in Eastern Europe has again brought a spotlight to these issues and driven global governments and militaries to implement climate strategies that increase energy resiliency in an effort to reduce reliance on the planet’s depleting fossil fuels.

As thousands of leaders from across defense, government and industry head to this year’s International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, they enter the region amidst a backdrop defined as the “Year of Sustainability” by the President Sheikh Mohamed. The UAE leader reiterated his support for innovation in the sustainability sector, citing that effective climate action requires a “shared vision and collective will.”

Exhibiting at IDEX for the first time, GM Defense not only continues the 100-year plus innovative and defense legacy of its parent company, General Motors (GM), but it also carries out GM’s vision of an all-electric future by transitioning global defense and government customers to a more electric, autonomous and connected future. A non-traditional player in the global defense market, GM Defense has access to GM’s robust portfolio of propulsion technologies that, for the defense market, provide a diverse mix of power sources suited for different mission use cases. From efficient internal combustion engines market to next generation battery electric and fuel cell technologies, GM Defense is developing solutions that enhance warfighter capability; a byproduct of which helps defense and government organizations reduce their carbon footprint.

With an eye towards helping global audiences better understand core capabilities in integrated vehicles, power and propulsion and autonomy and connectivity, GM Defense is bringing diverse solutions to IDEX that leverage GM’s advanced commercial technologies. GM Defense is focused on expanding its franchise programs – such as the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV), originally designed for the U.S. Army as an agile and expeditionary nine-Soldier troop-carrier based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. With 90 percent Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts, the ISV can be reconfigured to offer different seating, storage and accessory options, thereby giving customers the flexibility to meet their evolving needs. GM Defense is prototyping various configurations of the vehicle, such as the All-Electric Military Concept Vehicle which features a COTS battery electric propulsion system. Additionally, the GM Defense booth will include the ISV Heavy Gun Carrier (ISV HGC), which was developed in only 12 weeks. Fitted to transport five passengers, the ISV HGC is powered by a 2.8L Duramax diesel engine and includes a 46-inch/117-centimeter ring turret capable of mounting a variety of heavy and medium machine guns and grenade launchers.

In addition, participants will get a closer look at a four-passenger, diesel-powered Next Generation Light Tactical Wheeled (Next Gen LTW) concept vehicle based on GM’s full-size truck platform. The Next Gen LTW concept is built on a larger vehicle platform to accommodate heavier payloads, such as larger mission systems and armoring, and offers robust all-terrain capabilities in addition to increased torque and towing capacity. The concept vehicle, yet again, showcases GM Defense’s ability to leverage commercial platforms to develop a customized mobility solution that also taps into GM’s decades-long legacy in off-road racing.

At IDEX, GM Defense is showcasing its cutting-edge capabilities in power and propulsion, focusing on electrification and hydrogen fuel cells. The business will display a GMC HUMMER EV chassis that includes the Ultium Platform, which can deliver power, range and scale beyond any previous GM hybrid or extended range electric vehicle (EV) technology. The business will also leverage GM’s robust experience in fuel cell technology to showcase its HYDROTEC fuel cell power cube. Designed to be easily integrated into a variety of vehicle platforms, HYDROTEC has been field tested with thousands of run hours and proven performance. HYDROTEC is also the underpinning technology of GM’s Mobile Power Generation System (MPGS), which will be used to power GM’s all-electric super truck during daily off-road demonstrations at IDEX. Developed with an integrated capability to fast charge EVs, MPGS helps change the discussion surrounding battlefield to highlight how it can help change the discussion surrounding battlefield readiness and repowering at the tactical edge.

With access to GM’s investments totaling $35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicle technologies, GM Defense is well positioned to deliver the future of power. Enhancing warfighter capability by delivering a vehicle that offers a low acoustic signature and enables silent watch operations, the warfighter will gain capability on the battlefield while also helping to reduce the carbon footprint. The business looks forward to developing partnerships across the globe with like-minded companies who share the same desire to transition defense and government customers to a more electric future. Learn more about GM Defense by visiting or visit the team at IDEX at booth 03-A09, Hall 3.