This event happened on May 22, 2024

As U.S. military installations age, they need to be updated, modernized — and in some instances replaced entirely — to meet the needs of the modern military.

Communications infrastructure is critical, as are back-up power, redundant systems and safety and security features. As the military moves towards hybrid or fully electric vehicles, charging infrastructure is also necessary. Security considerations are also top of mind, as installations must not only have on-site security, but plans and communications systems in place to facilitate timely responses from civilian agencies in the event of an incident. Ultimately, the pace of technological advancement means that modernizing an installation requires planning for not only short- and medium-term needs, but also forecasting long-term needs to ensure installations can adequately handle forces that may look entirely different from today’s.

Defense News explored how military installations are being modernized, the universal infrastructure needs to support the modern military and how the U.S. is planning for installations that can continue to keep up with the rapid pace of technological development.

Watch Recording:

In this webcast, the Army's Christine Ploschke discusses the challenges of installation modernization, including safety, communications and infrastructure.

Guest Speakers:

  • Christine Ploschke, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Energy & Sustainability, U.S. Army
  • Ron Vitiello, Head of DHS Programs & Strategy, Axon