Banding together to beat ballistic missiles
A proven team – and two of the world’s most advanced radars – combine to deliver superior surveillance, target discrimination and defensive capabilities against all classes of ballistic missile threats.
Lockheed Martin
Three Ways JADO is Transforming the Future of Aviation
Imagine a conversation with Allan and Malcolm Loughead (who later became the “Lockheed” brothers) in 1913 on the day they flew the Model-G Hydro-Aeroplane, or with aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky after his first practical helicopter took flight in Connecticut in 1939. How would you explain the game-changing, integrated capabilities of today’s next-generation aircraft—and what they’ll be capable of in the future? It starts with three core capabilities: speed, connectivity and intelligence.
Webcast: SMD Debrief 2021
Facing a transformative threat landscape, U.S. security officials and industry leaders are racing to build a layered missile defense system that can identify, intercept, and eliminate any missile launched toward American soil. During this discussion, we heard about progress on these efforts and what challenges are standing in the way of success.
High-Speed Connectivity is Possible For All — Here’s How
Wind Talker Innovation’s most important innovation is Osmosis(R), a software solution designed to leverage existing telecoms infrastructure in a way that gives people all over the globe (and even above it) the ability to securely, directly, and instantaneously connect.
Delivering Critical Data Faster, When Every Second Counts
The global security threats of today demand a connection between U.S. Armed Forces and allies unlike ever before. Soldiers face fast-moving adversaries in hard to reach locations. To fight and win in this environment will require a momentous, operational shift.
The Data Forge
This system is meant to unlock the full potential of satellite data
Webcast: Future Tools, Future Battlefields
How can service leaders and industry officials help provide an advantage on the battlefield and what are the keys to ground force modernization in the coming years?
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