BEIRUT — The Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered “several” Mwari aircraft from the South African defense firm Paramount Group, according to a Sept. 13 company news release.

The purchase follows Paramount’s delivery of equipment to Mozambique, where the Mwari is already operational. According to the firm, the aircraft is designed for a wide range of missions, such as counterinsurgency, border patrol, precision strike, reconnaissance and surveillance.

The company did not respond to Defense News about how many Mwari were on order by the DRC and the contract value. Defense News has contacted the DRC consulate in Lebanon for additional information.

The aircraft, touted as requiring a minimal logistical footprint, can operate in remote and austere environments as well as equip different payloads.

“With decades of experience in asymmetrical warfare, we’ve designed the Mwari as a tool that is not only robust but incredibly adaptable, fitting the needs of modern militaries in Africa and around the world,” Steve Griessel, the chief executive of Paramount Group, said in a statement.

Paramount also announced during DSEI it integrated “advanced weapons systems” on the Mwari, noting it will disclose specifics “at a later date.” Weapons testing and certification are expected later this year or in early 2024, the news release stated.

Agnese Stracquadanio is a Middle East correspondent for Defense News. She has a background in writing and photojournalism, holds a master's degree in international relations, and previously worked for Reuters.

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