DUBAI — A Jordanian security official has confirmed to Defense News that a Jordanian pilot was shot down by Islamic State forces in Syria today.

The official said that pictures posted online of the capture of 1st Lt. Mu'ath Al-Kaseasba were shown to his family and his identity was confirmed.

"At this moment, the Supreme Military and Security Council is meeting with King Abdullah and discussing the matter," he told Defense News. "The Ministry of Defense is expected to release a statement in the next few hours."

The pilot is believed to be an F-16 pilot, however, the official did not confirm.

Jordan has participated along with the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates Qatar and Bahrain in air operations against Islamic State fighters since October.

According to Reuters, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said it had confirmed reports the plane was brought down near Raqqa city, a major stronghold for Islamic State fighters.

Islamic State social media published pictures purportedly of the warplane's pilot being held by the group's fighters and said he was Jordanian.

Raqqa province, which borders Turkey, is almost entirely under the control of Islamic State fighters.

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