PARIS — A five-strong consortium has won the 10-year Sysnav contract, a key element in an information system designed to provide an active digital map for the French services, Airbus Defence and Space said.

The contract is part of an information system, dubbed SI Geode4D. The system is intended to be a “single and secure portal” to allow the services to access information on geography, hydrography, oceanography and weather, , Airbus D&S said in a Nov. 22 statement.

Airbus D&S and the Direction Générale de l’Armement procurement office declined comment on the value of the contract. The contract was signed earlier this year, Airbus D&S said.

The information system “will allow all Ministry of Defense actors to access and share the same geophysical environment data, and select and present them in a coherent way, according to the ‘one card for all’ principle,” the company said.

Airbus D&S leads the group, which includes Magellium for geography; Météo France International for meteorology, hydrography and oceanography; Bertin for decision-making aids; and Deloitte for change management.

“One of the major challenges for the SI Geode4D, which can truly be qualified as the active digital map of the 21st century, is also to assist our armed forces with their digital transformation,” said François Lombard, head of the intelligence business cluster at Airbus D&S.

The system is intended to manage information for early threat detection and identification, and provide the forces with an understanding of geographical layout, as set out in the NATO concept of a recognized environmental picture, the company said.

A part of the contract includes modernization of three data centers, to allow higher data volume and greater speed needed to see the environmental data on the planned portal.