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F/A-18 Super Hornets Top US Navy’s Unfunded List

March 2, 2016 (Photo Credit: CDR Spencer Abbot/US Navy)

WASHINGTON — Fourteen new F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet strike fighters top the 31 items on the US Navy’s fiscal 2017 unfunded requirements list (URL), along with final funding for an already-approved destroyer and two additional carrier-based F-35 joint strike fighters.

The list, requested by Congress, comprises items that were left out of the Pentagon’s proposed budget submitted to lawmakers last month. Congress may choose to add money to buy the items, move money around within the budget, or simply ignore the requests.

In trying to meet a strike fighter shortage brought on by recent high operations tempos, the Navy is asking for $1.54 billion to buy the Super Hornets.

The move would also boost Boeing’s St. Louis production line that, if a Kuwaiti deal can’t be freed from a political roadblock, faces a shortage of aircraft orders in the near future. The Navy already has two F/A-18s in the 2017 budget and another 14 are planned for 2018. Approval of the 14 URL aircraft would provide a total of 30 new Super Hornets, which form the core of the Navy’s carrier-based air groups.

Other items in the URL include $81 million to buy at least 99 radio frequency kill chain enhancements to defeat enemy jamming systems; $23 million to buy another Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 3 electronic warfare system; more Mark 54 torpedoes, more AIM-9X air-to-air missiles; and more Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) parts.

Further down the list are underwater towed arrays; missile kits for LCS ships; restoration of funds used to repair the cruiser Chancellorsville after a November 2013 accident; three new air-cushioned landing craft; a new utility landing craft; aerial and surface targets; two C-40A personnel and cargo aircraft; and a T-ATS(X) salvage tug.

The service could also use $156 million to restore 15,000 permanent-change-of-station moves for sailors and their families, cut due to sequestration limits.

The Navy also listed four military construction items, including magazine recapitalization for Norfolk/Chambers Field in Norfolk, Virginia; a service pier for Seawolf-class submarines at Bangor, Washington; and an advanced wastewater treatment plant in Mayport, Florida.

The full list is below:

Priority Unfunded                                                                                     Appn      TY$M    Cum. Total

1 F/A-18E/Fs (+14 Aircraft)                                                                         APN       1,540         1,540

2 Final Increment of DDG Partially Funded in FY16                                      SCN           433        1,973

3 F-35C (+2 Aircraft)                                                                                   APN          270        2,243

4 RF Kill Chain Enhancements (+99 Counter Electronic Attack (CEA) Blk II Kits) OPN      81         2,324

5 SEWIP Blk III (+1 system)                                                                      OPN           23         2,347

6 SSEE Inc. F (+3 Systems) and Paragon/Graywing (+3 Systems)               OPN           43         2,390

7 MK-54 Mod 0 Torpedoes (+23 torpedoes)                                                 WPN           16         2,406

8 AIM-9X Missiles Blk II (+75 missiles)                                                      WPN            33        2,439

9 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) Components                               PANMC           58        2,497

10 DDG Combat System Modernization (Procurement only) (+1 system)      OPN             65       2,562

11 LCS Over the Horizon Missile (LCS 3 & 5)                                          WPN/OPN       43      2,605

12 Submarine Towed Arrays (+4 TB-29X and +4 TB-34X Arrays)                 OPN            22       2,627

13 Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) Array                  OPN            10       2,637

14 Partial CG Modernization set (Restoration of ship set used for CG 62 repair) OPN       70       2,707

15 Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems (SWFTS) for SSNs (+2 Sets) OPN    49       2,756

16 Afloat Readiness (Aviation & Ship Depots, Ship Support, Training, and OPTAR) OMN 645     3,401

17 Condition-Based Maint (CBM) for Critical Building Syst (Sustainment (ST) to 90%) OMN 382 3,783

18 Fleet priority Restoration and Modernization (RM) special projects            OMN         262      4,045

19 CANES Acceleration (LPD 19 & DDG 73)                                                OPN          53      4,098

20 Ship to Shore Connector (SSC) (+3 craft)                                                SCN        165       4,263

21 LCU 1700 (+ 1 craft)                                                                              SCN         22       4,285

22 PCS Funding (Restores 15,000 PCS moves reduced due to BBA limits)    MPN       156        4,441

23 Shore Support (Phys Security Equip and Enviro Restoration)        OMN/OPN/ERN     68       4,509

24 Remediation of system and process deficiencies in support of auditability OMN         44       4,553

25 Replacement of RSUPPLY program in support of auditability                    OMN         10       4,563

26 Critical Aviation & Test Facility Upgrades (range & test facility hangars) RDTEN        12       4,575

27 Full Scale Aerial Targets (FSAT) (QF-16) (+5 targets)                           RDTEN         26      4,601

28 High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (HSMST) (+56 targets)             OPN         10       4,611

29 Training Target & Ranges - Barking Sands Tact. Underwater Range           OMN          9      4,620

30 C-40A (+2 Aircraft) (Reserve's personnel and cargo aircraft)                       APN       207     4,827

31 T-ATS(X) (+1 Ship)                                                                                SCN         75      4,902

Priority MILCON Unfunded                                                                      Appn     TY$M   Cum. Total

1 NS Norfolk/Chambers Field Mag RECAP Phase 1 MILCON Project (P-495)  MCN        27         27

2 SEAWOLF Class Service Pier-Bangor MILCON (P-834)                              MCN        73        100

3 A-School Dorm (P-711, Pensacola, FL) (QOS invest) (SMIG #30)                MCN        53        153

4 Adv Wastewater Trtmnt Plant MILCON Project (P663, Mayport, FL ) (SMIG #9) MCN  66         219

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