Let's look ahead. Not to the next budget cycle, nor to the next decade. No, let's set our sights on 2050: what will the strategic security environment look like then?

The Army Training and Doctrine Command explored that question in Mad Scientist 2016, along with the Army's Strategic Studies Group and Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies. Participants in the event found it either enlightening …

… or confusing. (Although, given the esoteric nature of some of the material, and the necessary nebulousness of any attempt to look more than 30 years into the future, it's no wonder that some were a bit baffled.)

The decision to turn off the live feed during Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley's presentation left some aggravated.

The general partially made up for the frustration by speaking after a panel, which was livestreamed.

Like any defense initiative, the goal of Mad Scientist is to help our fighting forces to stay ahead of our enemies.

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