Lockheed Martin

Three Ways JADO is Transforming the Future of Aviation
Imagine a conversation with Allan and Malcolm Loughead (who later became the “Lockheed” brothers) in 1913 on the day they flew the Model-G Hydro-Aeroplane, or with aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky after his first practical helicopter took flight in Connecticut in 1939. How would you explain the game-changing, integrated capabilities of today’s next-generation aircraft—and what they’ll be capable of in the future? It starts with three core capabilities: speed, connectivity and intelligence.
Delivering Critical Data Faster, When Every Second Counts
The global security threats of today demand a connection between U.S. Armed Forces and allies unlike ever before. Soldiers face fast-moving adversaries in hard to reach locations. To fight and win in this environment will require a momentous, operational shift.
Learning through Wargaming: Helping Define the Roadmap for Multi-Domain Operations
Having top military experts spend days playing games may seem counterintuitive. However, a series of wargames hosted by Lockheed Martin is helping unravel the complex web of challenges involved in implementing multi-domain operations to leverage advanced technologies and tools that integrate the agency’s military expertise across multiple fields of battle.
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