Webcast: Project Overmatch
In this Webcast, Defense News examined how families of autonomous systems are employed, how AI/ML improves system autonomy and more.
Envisioning a World Without Pink Ribbons
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HJF partners with Leonardo DRS to support breast cancer research through the “Stick It 2 Cancer” initiative.
AUSA 2022: Altering Acquisition Needs
This event hosted by Defense News at AUSA explored how the invasion of Ukraine will alter acquisition needs in terms of speed and capability.
AUSA 2022: State of Modernization
In this panel event hosted by Defense News at AUSA, we heard from Army leaders about the state of the modernization priorities.
Webcast: SMD Debrief 2022
In this webcast, Defense News examined the current state of missile defense, emerging threats in the near future and the long-term needs for effective space and missile defense.
Building a Data-Centric Mission Partner Environment
The success of the cloud-native network in Afghanistan is a timely example as the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command speeds its efforts to deliver a mission partner environment (MPE) for the command’s urgent regional objectives. Read on to learn more.
Webcast: Data for Joint Operations
The Defense Department plans to use data to expand the common operational picture, or COP, that informs troops about the state of the battlefield, enemy positions, and other high-value assets. Programs like the Army’s Project Convergence and Project Rainmaker, the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System, and the Navy’s Project Overmatch are intended to expand network functionality and collaboration across the services, inching the Pentagon ever closer to its goal of joint all domain command and control. But what steps are being taken to ensure DoD’s Mission Partner Environment has the same battlefield visibility as our own forces do? From a data perspective, what would it take for allies to integrate their information capabilities with U.S. troops for maximum situational awareness? In this webcast, C4ISRNET explored the data “building blocks” and policies needed to conduct successful joint operations with allied forces across all domains.
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