Special Operations Command is diving into space
SOCOM is looking into putting its own cubesats on orbit, but its also looking into hosted payloads with other constellations, from DARPA's project Blackjack to commercial satellites like Starlink or OneWeb.

SOFIC 2018: Special operations forces show off capabilities

At the 2018 Special Operations Forces Industrial Conference, special ops forces from the U.S., Poland, Finland, Colombia, Hungary, Italy, Singapore and Romania show off their capabilities during a hostage rescue demonstration. (Jeff Martin/Staff)
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Drone wars: How swarms could spoof the enemy
A web of swarming unmanned aircraft systems that can spoof enemy drones could be a solution to the shot doctrine problem when exercising counter-UAS capabilities, the vice president of science & technology at Cintel, the company developing the technology, said at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.
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