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Israel, US Continue To Spar Over Iran Deal
JERUSALEM — Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz issued a harsh rebuke against his US counterpart Ernest Moniz on Tuesday, saying if he was an American citizen he would be strongly opposed to the deal inked between Iran and six world powers last July.
Critics Rip Netanyahu on Security Issues
An embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent the final week before elections defending himself against criticism on a variety of topics from veterans of the country's security establishment, including that he is backing away from the two-state solution with Palestine.
Israeli Politicians Assess Netanyahu Address
Considering the controversy surrounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's historic address to Congress before he even uttered a word, it's no surprise that Israeli politicians wasted no time Tuesday weighing in on its impact.
Ya'alon Visit Highlights India-Israel Ties
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon's February visit to India has been hailed here as an indication of Indo-Israeli relations "coming out of the closet," but in actuality, in the past 15 years ties between the two countries have reached new heights.
Israeli DM Candidates: A Cast of Hawks
Among the crop of Israeli defense minister candidates bitterly duking it out before the nation goes to the polls March 17, not one of them would be considered dovish on matters of national security.
How To Ease US-Israeli Iran Dispute Debated
US Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations Martin Indyk and former US diplomat Dennis Ross offered creative ways to reconcile the differences between Israel and the US over Iran nuclear talks at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.
New IDF Chief Acknowledges Challenges
Acknowledging the "grave responsibility" and "explosive" challenges before him, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot was officially named the 21st chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces at a changing of the guards ceremony on Monday.
Pending Israeli PM Speech on Iran Raises Ire
As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's divisive speech to Congress looms, the daylight between Israel and Washington on the Iranian file and their growing ideological rift became increasingly apparent.
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