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Congress Urges Air Force to Accelerate JSTARS Recap
Despite concern that aircraft modernization will fall through the cracks in a tight budget environment, all four defense congressional committees are urging the Air Force to accelerate the effort to recapitalize its aging ground surveill
Final F-35 testing slips to 2018
The military’s top weapons tester has been warning for months that the F-35 will not be ready for its final test phase until 2018 at the earliest. On Tuesday, the Pentagon officially acknowledged the schedule slip.
F-22 restart not a 'wild idea,’ says Welsh
Although Air Force and industry officials have repeatedly dubbed reviving Lockheed Martin’s F-22 production line a nonstarter, the service’s outgoing chief of staff said today it might not be such a crazy idea after all.
Marine Pilots Say Software Rarely a Problem for F-35B
As the Air Force prepares to declare its F-35A jets operational in just a few short months, the service is still working through software glitches that cause the jets systems to fail and need to be rebooted – sometimes mid-flight.
Boeing Disputes Denmark’s F-35 Evaluation
Boeing met with a Danish parliamentary committee to say that the recommendation to buy 27 F-35s to replace its aging F-16 fighter fleet was based on “incomplete and possibly flawed data.
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