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Russia and Iran: Split over Syria?
If Russia proves genuinely interested in converting military success to a sustainable political settlement, it would put Moscow sharply at odds with Iran and with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Separating Friend from Foe in Syria
The new administration will, no doubt, review and revise what has passed for a military campaign against ISIS in central and eastern Syria. The key question however is what, in the Syrian context, President Trump will do about the two principal malign influences he has identified in the Middle East: ISIS and Iran.
Building Syria on the Bones of Daesh
Defeating Daesh must be linked organically to the eventual rebirth of a post-Assad Syrian state featuring pluralism, rule of law, empowered local governance, reconciliation and reconstruction.
Syria: Picking Up the Pieces
Two airstrikes seem to have shattered the prospects for a cessation of hostilities and joint American-Russian targeting of armed extremists.
Washington and Moscow: Together on Syria?
Secretary of State John Kerry says the US and Russia agreed to steps that could encourage peace in Syria. But the absence of an American “or else” does not increase its prospects.
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