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  1. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, right, speaks with a Rafale fighter pilot while visiting French troops in Mali last year. Such deployments are 'incomparable marketing' for French exports, an expert said. MARTIN BUREAU/ / AFP via Getty Images

    French Arms Exports Rise 42 Percent

    France signed arms export contracts worth €6.87 billion (US $8.8 billion) in 2013, up more than 42 percent from the €4.8 billion in the previous year, despite tougher US competition and Russia, according to a report to Parliament released on Sept.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  2. Norwegian foreign minister Boerge Brende AFP

    Norway Mulls Contribution To Anti-Islamic State Force

    Norway said Monday it was considering making a military contribution to the US-led coalition against the Islamic State jihadist group including providing training assistance for armed forces.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  3. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen delivers a speech on Sept. 15 during an event hosted by Carnegie Europe in Brussels. John Thys / AFP

    NATO chief: Islamic State Threat Requires Military Action

    Western nations must take military action against Islamic State militants because they pose a global threat, not just because of the murder of Western hostages, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  4. Report: Israeli Arms Sale To Ukraine Blocked

    A proposed sale of Israeli weapons including drones to Ukraine has been blocked for fear of antagonizing Russia, Channel Two television reported on Monday.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  5. Prime Minister David Cameron addresses members of the No campaign on Sept. 15 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    NATO Says Independent Scotland Would Have To Reapply

    NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday that if Scotland votes for independence this week it will have to reapply to join the military alliance.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  6. Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander of U.S. European Command, speaks Monday during the Air Force Association's Air & Space Conference. Rob Curtis / Staff

    Breedlove: Junior Officers, NCOs a Resource 'That NATO Can't Waste'

    NATO partners need to do a better job putting noncommissioned officers and junior officers in alliance leadership roles, Gen.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  7. Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, head of the F-35 joint program office, expects the program to be given priority under possible tight budgets ahead. Andy Morataya / US Air Force

    Bogdan: F-35 Likely Protected in Next Budget

    The F-35 joint strike fighter will likely be protected regardless of whether the Pentagon is operating under limits imposed by the Budget Control Act in fiscal 2016, the program's top official said Monday.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  8. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in public comments and a letter to Iraq's new prime minister that surfaced over the weekend, continues saying the chamber will approve Obama's request to grant the president authority to train and equip Syrian rebels in Saudi Arabia to fight the violent Sunni group inside Syria. Jim Watson / AFP

    US House Comes Back Early, Could Take Up CR as Early as Tuesday

    The US House could vote on a government shutdown-averting spending bill and new authorities to take on the Islamic State as soon as Tuesday.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  9. Soldiers exit a CV-22 Osprey during a 2011 training exercise in New Mexico. Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has completed a successful test flight on an engine enhancement for the V-22. TSgt DeNoris Mickle/US Air Force

    Rolls: Flight Test Successful on V-22 Engine Upgrade

    Rolls-Royce has completed a successful flight test of its new engine upgrade for the V-22.

    • Sep. 15, 2014
  10. A pair of Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft fly over Kansas. Congressional protection of the close-air support plane has complicated Air Force budgeting. Senior Airman Sierra Dopfel / US Air Force

    Sources: Expect Next Year's USAF Budget To Continue Push for Cuts

    When the US Air Force rolled out its budget request in March, it was billed as a realistic look at the post-sequestration world, one filled with necessary tough choices but still maintaining current capabilities.

    • Sep. 14, 2014
  11. Chris Chadwick is head of Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Eric Shindelbower / Boeing

    Boeing Begins Rolling Out New Business Strategy

    Since tacking charge of Boeing Defense, Space & Security late last year, Chris Chadwick has been building a plan to transform the world's No. 2 military contractor with $33 billion in 2013 sales and more than 55,000 employees.

    • Sep. 14, 2014
  12. Swedish Defense Minister Karin Enström has denied that the ministry knew about a research cooperation deal with the Chinese. Maja Suslin / Getty Images

    Swedish Panel To Probe Controversial Chinese Deal

    Sweden's Defense Ministry and other leading defense and technology organizations will be under the spotlight this week as a parliamentary committee probes whether a research cooperation initiative could have led to the sale of sophisticated aerodynamic mo

    • Sep. 14, 2014
  13. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh and Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James deliver their 'State of the Air Force' to reporters in the Pentagon on July 30. US Air Force

    Interview: Gen. Mark Welsh, US Air Force Chief of Staff

    The US Air Force represents the largest source of air power in the world, but finds itself at an inflection point in its history, facing dramatic choices in technology, manpower and mission areas. Gen. Mark Welsh took over as chief of staff two years ago.

    • Sep. 14, 2014
  14. Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement on the killing of British aid worker David Haines by IS millitants on Sept. 14 in London. John Stillwell / AFP

    British PM Threatens Islamic State, Makes No Commitment On Strikes

    Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain was ready to 'take whatever steps are necessary' to destroy Islamic State militants after they murdered a British aid worker, but made no commitment to joining the United States in airstrikes.

    • Sep. 14, 2014
  15. Captain Kwestan Mohammed Ali, instructs how to hold an AK-47 to female Peshmerga recruits as they take part in a military training at a base near the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya on Wednesday. Jm Lopez / Getty Images

    Germany Sending 40 Soldiers To Iraqi Kurdistan

    Berlin is preparing to send around 40 soldiers to northern Iraq to train Kurdish fighters battling against militants from the Islamic State, the German army said on Saturday.

    • Sep. 13, 2014
  16. MoD's Choice: General Dynamics UK will supply the British Army with 589 Scout Specialist Vehicles in six variants beginning in 2017. General Dynamics UK

    British MoD Reconsiders Assembling Scout in UK

    General Dynamics has been asked by the Ministry of Defence to look again at the cost of assembling most of the vehicles under a major armored vehicle contract locally rather than in Spain, according to British procurement minister Philip Dunne.

    • Sep. 13, 2014
  17. Iraq Plans: US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is seen with Gen. Necdet Özel, Turkey's chief of defense, at the Turkish General Staff in Ankara on Sept. 8. Glenn Fawcett/DoD

    Anti-IS Coalition Grows, But Turkey Takes Back Seat

    US officials have shored up support from more than a dozen countries to confront Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. But despite a top-level diplomatic push, Turkey is less likely to play an active role.

    • Sep. 13, 2014
  18. Iraqi volunteer soldiers perform a military exercise during their graduation ceremony from a training camp in the central Iraqi city of Kufa on September 1. HAIDAR HAMDANI / AFP/Getty Images

    Iraqi Military Failings Pose Challenge For Anti-IS War

    The shortcomings of the Iraqi military, which withered under a June militant onslaught and relies on Shiite militias for support, pose a significant challenge to international efforts against brutal jihadists.

    • Sep. 13, 2014
  19. US President Barack Obama meets with, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio; Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.; and House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in the Oval Office of the White House. Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Three Ways House Work on CR, Syrian Rebels Plan Could Play Out

    Whether or not the federal national security apparatus shuts down in October suddenly is all about Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State, Syrian rebel forces and lawmakers' feelings about President Barack Obama.

    • Sep. 12, 2014
  20. Separatist Soldiers: Pro-Russian fighters sit on top of a tank in Starobesheve, southeast of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Russian actions in Ukraine have sparked sanctions by Western powers. FRANCISCO LEONG/ / AFP

    New Sanctions Target Russia's Energy and Finance Sectors; Defense Industry Also in Crosshairs

    The newest series of sanctions issued by the United States and its European allies is targeted heavily against Russia's energy and financial sectors, but the defense industry may also be affected.

    • Sep. 12, 2014
  21. US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, holds a joint press conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu before a meeting in Ankara on Friday. ADEM ALTAN/ / AFP

    Kerry in Ankara for Talks on Fighting Islamic State

    US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Ankara Friday for talks aimed at building a coalition against jihadists of the Islamic State (IS).

    • Sep. 12, 2014
  22. Iraqi soldiers wave to a humanitarian aid convoy en route to Amerli after Iraqi forces broke through to the jihadist-besieged Shiite town. NATO is considering additional training for Iraqi forces. JM LOPEZ/ / AFP

    NATO Weighs Training Mission to Iraq

    A senior NATO official said Thursday that NATO was prepared to consider a training mission to Iraq as part of a wide-ranging policy mix to tackle the so-called Islamic State.

    • Sep. 12, 2014
  23. A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter holds an rocket propelled-grenade near a flag of the Islamic State (IS) hoisted on the other side of a bridge in Rashad, on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit, on Sept. 11. A Pentagon spokesman said Sept. 11 the US troops headed to Iraq will not be involved in foot patrols or combat operations. Jim Lopez / AFP via Getty Images

    Pentagon: US Troops to Advise Iraqi Units at Brigade Level

    The 475 additional US troops that President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday would be deployed to Iraq will start arriving over the next week as part of an American effort to 'intensify our efforts inside Iraq,' a Defense Department spokesman said Thur

    • Sep. 11, 2014
  24. US President Barack Obama outlined his plans Wednesday night to fight the Islamic State. SAUL LOEB / AFP/Getty Images

    Lawmakers Rally Around Obama, Few Insist on Approving Islamic State Strikes

    Lawmakers are rallying around President Barack Obama's plan to increase US military operations against the Islamic State, with some wanting stronger steps and few demanding Congress authorize the strikes.

    • Sep. 11, 2014
  25. Speaking at Association of the United States Army breakfast, Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, head of U.S. Cyber Command, said that to keep pace with rapid changes in the cyber domain, the military needs 'a much tighter relationship between industry and government.'

    Army Cyber Chief: Let's Get Closer To Industry

    To keep pace with rapid changes in the cyber domain, the military needs 'a much tighter relationship between industry and government,' the head of U.S. Army Cyber Command said Thursday.

    • Sep. 11, 2014
  26. A Ukrainian tank destroyed by shelling from pro-Russian militants in the eastern Ukrainian region of Lugansk is seen on Sept. 9. Sergey Bobok / AFP via Getty Images

    More EU Sanctions Against Russia Set To Begin

    Further sanctions against Russia agreed to by European Union countries on Monday will enter into force tomorrow, an EU official said here Thursday. The measures will cover the capital market, dual use (civil and military) goods and the energy sector.

    • Sep. 11, 2014
  27. Association of the United States Army President Gordon Sullivan, left, welcomes US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno to the podium during the Dwight David Eisenhower Luncheon during the Association of the United States Army's 2013 annual meeting and exposition at the Washington Convention Center on October 22, 2013, in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    AUSA Chief: Unite Behind President To Confront Islamic State

    The chief of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is calling for an end to 'infighting and parochial interests,' and to come together behind the president as the nation confronts the Islamic State.

    • Sep. 11, 2014
  28. A soldier from the US Pennsylvania National Guard takes part in a NATO field training exercise in Lithuania in 2014. A survey has found that European respondents heavily favor NATO engagement in the territorial defense of Europe. PETRAS MALUKAS/ / AFP

    Trans-Atlantic Trends Survey: Europeans Want NATO Focus on Territorial Defense

    A big majority of Europeans (73 percent) say NATO should be engaged in the territorial defense of Europe; by comparison, 59 percent of Americans and 57 percent of Turks wanted NATO so engaged.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  29. Azerbaijan President llham Aliyev, front seat on the right, sits across from an Israeli delegation, including Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, third from right, where defense and trade ties were discussed. Israel Ministry of Defense

    Israel Bolsters Strategic Ties With Azerbaijan

    Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon began a two-day visit to Azerbaijan on Wednesday aiming to bolster burgeoning ties with its strategic and defense trade partner that conveniently borders northeast Iran.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  30. US President Barack Obama, seen through an Oval Office window, speaks on the phone with King Abdallah Abd al Aziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the White House on Wednesday . Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

    Obama Eyes Airstrikes in Syria, Fixing Iraqi Army

    President Barack Obama will vow in a national address Wednesday to target the Islamic State with air strikes 'wherever they exist' in a sign he plans to attack the jihadists inside Syria for the first time.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  31. Former Vice President Dick Cheney's Sept. 10 speech at the American Enterprise Institute harkened back to the forceful rhetoric of the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington. Screenshot

    Analysis: For Dick Cheney, Every Day is Sept. 12

    Former US Vice President Dick Cheney doubts the sitting commander in chief will use a Wednesday primetime speech to lay out a plan hawkish enough to defeat an upstart violent Sunni group.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  32. Russia's President Vladimir Putin, seen here in July, said Sept. 10 that Western countries were provoking the Ukraine crisis in order to 'revive NATO.' Alexei Nikolsky / AFP via Getty Images

    Russia Announces Plans To Upgrade Nuclear, Air Defense Forces

    Russia will respond to the United States' 'prompt global strike' program designed to take out targets within an hour by upgrading its nuclear and space defense forces, its deputy prime minister said Wednesday.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  33. A P-37 surveillance radar is positioned at a combat position of the 5th Radiotechnical Company at Trebotovice, Czech Republic. Czech Ministry of Defense

    Czech, Slovak, Hungarian Armies To Jointly Acquire 3-D Radars

    Czech, Slovak and Hungarian defense companies have unveiled a project to jointly supply new 3-D radars to their armies with the aim of replacing Soviet-built P-37 radars.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  34. An Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter fires at Islamic State militants from his position on top of Mount Zardak, east of Mosul. A former US intelligence chief says more than force is needed to defeat the militants. JM LOPEZ / AFP/Getty Images

    Former US Intel Chief: Military Force Won't Beat Islamic State in 'War of Ideas'

    The former director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is convinced that force alone is not the key to a US strategy for defeating Islamic State militants in the Middle East or winning the 'war of ideas' with extremism worldwide.

    • Sep. 10, 2014
  35. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters fire at Islamic State militant positions. Democrats and Republicans agree that Congress should vote on a measure that would formally authorize US strikes against the Islamic State. JM LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

    On Capitol Hill, Agreement About Islamic State Vote — But No Actual Votes

    Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill finally agree on something. So, too, do many hawks and doves. Yet, there are no planned votes to approve US military action against the Islamic State.

    • Sep. 9, 2014
  36. Navy Needs: India's Akash short-range surface-to-air missile (SRSAM) defense system is displayed at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in Goyang in October. The Indian Navy is seeking its own SRSAM, since the Akash system does not come in a naval version. JUNG YEON-JE / AFP via Getty Images

    Indian Navy May Walk Away From French Missile Deal

    The Indian Defence Ministry has sent a global request for information for short-range, surface-to-air missiles (SRSAMs), throwing into question an existing deal with the French for the same weapon for the Indian Navy.

    • Sep. 9, 2014
  37. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visits the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Hagel announced in Turkey that Pentagon reform initiatives would not be derailed by other global challenges. STR / via AFP

    Hagel To Continue Push for Pentagon Reforms Amid Global Threats

    US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said he plans to forge ahead with bureaucratic Pentagon reform initiatives despite the uptick of global threats and military activities in recent months.

    • Sep. 8, 2014
  38. Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill. The House soon could vote on a bill to fund the government past the end of the fical year and through the upcoming election. Jim Watson / AFP

    US House Could Vote This Week To Avert Government Shutdown

    The US House soon could vote on a spending measure that would keep the Pentagon and other federal agencies funded while lawmakers hit the campaign trail.

    • Sep. 8, 2014
  39. Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel speak to US Marines and Georgian soldiers at Krtsanisi Training Area outside Tbilisi, Georgia, on Sunday. Marcus Weisgerber/Defense News

    DoD, Georgian MoD Discuss Black Hawk Helicopter Sale

    The Pentagon held talks with top Georgian military officials Sunday about moving forward with Tbilisi's desire to purchase Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopters.

    • Sep. 7, 2014
  40. Likely 2016 US presidential candidates, including Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have not called for major defense spending increases. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images; Jim WATSON/AFP/Gett

    Campaign '16: Despite Tough Talk, Little Chance of Defense Increase

    Potential 2016 presidential candidates are using hawkish terms when it comes to Russia and the Islamic State. But while some are banging the drums of war, few are calling for larger annual US defense budgets.

    • Sep. 7, 2014
  41. Double Responsibility: For now, Arun Jaitley serves as both Indian finance and defense minister. RAVEENDRAN/ / AFP

    Analysts: New Modi Government Lacks Clear Defense Policy

    The dual responsibilities of defense minister and finance minister handed to Arun Jaitley has given short shrift to India's Defence Ministry, and the quick decisions anticipated on weapons procurement have not been forthcoming, said defense analysts asses

    • Sep. 7, 2014
  42. Britain has pledged to commit 3,500 troops to a new NATO spearhead force expected to be announced by alliance leaders on the second day of the summit, according to Cameron. Alain Jocard / AFP

    UK to Pledge 1,000 Troops to NATO Rapid Response Force

    Britain has pledged to commit 1,000 troops to a new NATO spearhead force expected to be announced by alliance leaders on the second day of the summit, according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

    • Sep. 5, 2014
  43. The British carrier Queen Elizabeth was named on July 4. The U.K. has announced that both of its carriers will be operational. Chris Watt / Getty Images

    Cameron: UK Will Operate 2 Aircraft Carriers

    The UK Royal Navy is to get a second operational aircraft carrier, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday as the two-day NATO summit came to an end.

    • Sep. 5, 2014
  44. A US V-22 Osprey lands at the NATO summit meeting in Newport, Wales, on Friday. NATO

    V-22 To Participate in NATO Exercises

    NATO intends to use US V-22 Ospreys in upcoming exercises across the alliance, which could lead to increased interest in the aircraft by European countries, a top commander said on Friday.

    • Sep. 5, 2014
  45. Armin Papperger, Rheinmetall CEO, warned that tough export rules could cost German defense industry jobs. Griesch

    German Economic Minister, Corporate Leaders Discuss Exports, Industry's Future

    German Economic Minister Siegmar Gabriel met on Friday in Berlin for the first defense industrial sector dialogue with about 30 leaders of the country's defense industry.

    • Sep. 5, 2014
  46. Danish F-16 fighters are seen during the Danish Air Show 2014 at Karup Air Base. Denmark will lead a NATO effort to boost the availability of munitions to alliance members. Henning Bagger / AFP via Getty Images

    Denmark To Head NATO Effort To Increase Munition Availability

    Denmark will take the lead in a NATO project to develop ways to increase the availability of munitions between alliance members.

    • Sep. 5, 2014
  47. Britain's Secretary of Defence Michael Fallon leaves Downing Street on Sept. 1 in London. Carl Court / AFP

    Report: Britain's Defense Spending to Fall Below 2% GDP in 2015

    Two days after British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told a Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) conference in London that the government would be urging its NATO alliance partners at this week's summit to invest more in defense, a report has come ou

    • Sep. 4, 2014
  48. US Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger said a strategy is emerging to counter the Islamic State. Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    Amid GOP Criticism, Dems Say Obama Implementing Strategy To Combat Islamic State

    Democratic lawmakers are beginning to describe the Obama administration strategy for fighting the Islamic State, a plan Republicans say is nonexistent.

    • Sep. 4, 2014
  49. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen gestures during a Thursday session at the NATO summit. NATO

    Pricey Defense Exhibition Gives Prime Access at NATO Summit

    The British government has mounted a mini-defense exhibition alongside the NATO summit, which opened here Sept 4, and is charging some companies hundreds of thousands of pounds to attend.

    • Sep. 4, 2014
  50. The Vladivostok warship, a Mistral class LHD amphibious vessel ordered by Russia from the STX France shipyard, leaves the Saint-Nazaire harbor March 5 for her first trial. Frank Perry / AFP

    France Says Russia Warship Depends On Peace In Ukraine

    President Francois Hollande on Thursday said that France will only complete delivery to Russia of a sophisticated naval ship if peace is established in Ukraine.

    • Sep. 4, 2014
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