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 Training and Simulation

  1. India wants additional PC-7 trainer aircraft, but state-owned HAL is pushing its own under-development basic trainer. Aldo Wicki / Pilatus

    India Wants Domestic Production of Pilatus Trainers

    After contracting 75 basic trainer aircraft from Pilatus in 2012, the Indian Ministry of Defence wants to buy an additional 106 that would be license-built by a domestic company.

    • Apr. 21, 2014
    Bell Helicopter is pitching its 407GX to replace the US Navy's TH-57 training helicopter. Bell Helicopter

    Bell Pitches 407GX for Navy Trainer Helicopter Program

    Bell Helicopter is pitching its single-engine 407GX for the US Navy training helicopter replacement program, a company official said.

    • Apr. 15, 2014
    A Pakistan Navy frigate docks at Port Sudan, in the Red Sea, in 2012. Pakistan and Iranian ships have conducted joint naval exercises this week. Ashraf Shazly/Agence France-Presse

    Pakistani, Iranian Navies Conduct Joint Exercises

    The Pakistani and Iranian navies have engaged in a four-day joint naval exercise east of the Straits of Hormuz this week in an effort to improve security cooperation between the two neighbors.

    • Apr. 15, 2014
  2. Italy's AgustaWestland is offering a variant of its AW109 to serve as a US Navy training helicopter. AgustaWestland

    AgustaWestland Pitches AW119 for US Navy Helicopter Trainer

    Helicopter maker AgustaWestland is touting the capabilities of its American-built AW119Kx as a candidate to replace the US Navy's current fleet of training choppers.

    • Apr. 7, 2014
    A full-flight simulator called Odyssey 10 is made by OPINICUS, one of two companies acquired by Textron for its new consolidated simulations group. OPINICUS

    Textron Relaunches Consolidated Simulations Group

    Following its late 2013 acquisitions of two simulations companies, Textron announced Tuesday that it was relaunching its consolidated simulations group under the banner TRU Simulation + Training Inc.

    • Apr. 1, 2014
    US Air Force pilots can now fly night training sorties. US Air Force

    USAF F-35 Makes First Night Flight

    Pilots in the US Air Force's newest and most expensive fighter can now fly at night.

    • Apr. 1, 2014
    Saab and Pilatus will jointly promote the PC-21 if Sweden replaces its current trainer aircraft. Pilatus

    Saab, Pilatus To Promote the PC-21 if Sweden Seeks New Trainer Aircraft

    Saab and Pilatus Aircraft will cooperate in bidding the Swiss company's PC-21 if the Swedish Air Force opt to replace its SK 60 trainer.

    • Mar. 28, 2014
    Transport Focus: Embraer is leading a group of partners in development of the KC-390, intended to challenge the C-130 Hercules transport in various markets. Embraer illustration

    Fleet Modernization Drives Requirements Across South America

    As South America continues increasing its defense expenditures, air fleet modernization is driving numerous requirements and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

    • Mar. 25, 2014
  3. First Appearance: The US Navy will test the Airborne Mine Laser Detection System this year during exercises in the Arabian Gulf. The system, equipping an MH-60S helicopter here, was developed as part of the littoral combat ship mine countermeasures package. US Navy

    Gulf Partnerships

    From its headquarters in Bahrain, US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) looks out on a steady drumbeat of exercises, training operations and surveillance activities, many in cooperation with regional partners.

    • Mar. 24, 2014
    A Dolphin-class submarine will be among the ships Israel will send to participate in the Noble Dina exercises with Greece and the US. Agence France-Presse

    Israel, Greek and US Navies Kick Off Annual Med Sea Drill

    Israeli, Greek and US military personnel are slated to meet in Crete Tuesday to kick off Noble Dina 2014, a two-week, trilateral exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.

    • Mar. 24, 2014
    Alenia Aermacchi is building 30 M-346 trainers for Israel. Alenia Aermacchi

    M-346 Rollout Marks Israeli-Italian Mega Deal

    Alenia Aermacchi has rolled out its first M-346 jet trainer for Israel, part of a reciprocal deal covering satellites and early warning aircraft for Italy.

    • Mar. 22, 2014
    Germany's Rheinmetall had planned to build a combat training center in Russia under a deal signed in 2011. Rheinmetall

    Germany Halts Combat Simulator Export to Russia

    German government officials on Wednesday halted the planned export of a high-end battle simulation facility to Russia amid the unfolding crisis on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine.

    • Mar. 19, 2014
    New Market: Airbus Helicopters' African customers include Lesotho, which has acquired the company's EC135 light utility helicopter for the Air Wing of its Defense Force. Airbus Helicopters

    Eurocopter To Establish Permanent Kenyan Base

    Eurocopter Southern Africa Ltd.

    • Mar. 16, 2014
  4. US Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford says the Taliban threat has diminished, but Afghan forces still need support. US Marine Corps

    ISAF Chief: Taliban No Longer 'Existential Threat' to Afghanistan

    The Taliban no longer presents an 'existential threat' to the Afghan government, the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan told a congressional panel Wednesday morning, but the Afghan armed forces still aren't ready to operate alone without significant

    • Mar. 12, 2014
    The Samson 30 remote controlled weapon station fires a Spike-LR missile. Rafael

    Rafael Trainer Hones Precision Strike Ops

    Rafael, Israel's premier provider of tactical missiles, is expanding its niche in training and simulation with Spike Team Trainer (STT), a system designed to support international users of the firm's Spike family of precision strike weapons.

    • Mar. 10, 2014
    A drop in sustainment costs of the unmanned Global Hawk led the Air Force to recommend funding the drone as a replacement for the U-2. Air Force

    US Air Force Left with Little Flexibility in Budget

    US Air Force leadership spent months telling anyone who would listen that their budget would result in a smaller service today in order to afford modernization for tomorrow, and its budget delivered on that promise.

    • Mar. 9, 2014
    Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, the F-35 program chief, expressing confidence that the four-plane drop in purchases — from 30 to 26 — will not significantly impact the program. Tom Reynolds / US Air Force

    Promises Kept: Few Surprises in USAF Budget

    For months, top Air Force officials have been preparing Washington for a budget that cuts back on force structure in favor of modernization. During Tuesday's budget reveal, they made good on their promise.

    • Mar. 5, 2014
    Two T-38 Talons climb skyward at Beale Air Force Base, Calif. The T-X trainer replacement program and the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) recapitalization will both receive funds in the 2015 budget request. Staff Sgt. Robert M. Trujillo / US Air Force

    Trainer Replacement, JSTARS Funded in 2015 Air Force Request

    The US Air Force funded two secondary modernization programs in its budget request in a move clearly made with an eye towards modernizing for the next decade.

    • Mar. 4, 2014
    Afghan Police receive training in weapons maintenance as local forces take more responsibility for anti-insurgency operations. Agence France-Presse

    Logistics, Sustainment Challenge Afghan Army

    Afghanistan's military and police are holding their own against the country's insurgency, but the 340,000-member force still faces significant logistics and sustainment challenges, NATO and Afghan officers say.

    • Mar. 1, 2014
    Poland has signed a contract to purchase eight Alenia Aermacchi M-346 jet trainers Wikipedia

    Poland Signs €280M Deal for Eight M-346 Jet Trainers

    The Polish Defense Minister has signed a €280 million contract for the purchase of eight Alenia Aermacchi M-346 jet trainers, the firm said Thursday.

    • Feb. 27, 2014
    T-6C Trainer Beechcraft

    New Pilot Training Scheme for New Zealand

    Beechcraft's T-6C aircraft has been chosen to provide new pilot training capability for the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).

    • Feb. 25, 2014
    General Dynamics and Alenia Aermacchi are offering the T-100 trainer for the US Air Force's T-X trainer replacement program. Alenia Aermacchi

    CAE USA Joins General Dynamics T-X Offering

    General Dynamics has lined up the US arm of Canadian simulation giant CAE to provide training solutions for its offering for the US Air Force's next-generation trainer.

    • Feb. 19, 2014
    Defense Department and General Services Administration officials plan to institute federal cybersecurity acquisition reforms through executive action. Agence France-Presse

    Obama Trying Executive Action for Cyber Fixes

    Following up on President Barack Obama's State of the Union theme of executive action regardless of congressional approval, the Defense Department (DoD) and General Services Administration (GSA) announced late Wednesday they were moving ahead with six 'pl

    • Jan. 30, 2014
    Gen. Jean-Paul Palomeros NATO

    NATO Transformation Chief: Without Good Training 'No Need' for New Platforms

    The general in charge of NATO's training and strategic planning recognizes the budgetary problems afflicting member states, but believes the organization must focus on training and interoperability to remain effective after the drawdown in Afghanistan, he

    • Jan. 29, 2014
    The United Arab Emirates has requested the purchase of 30 F-16 Block 61 aircraft and the upgrade of its existing F-16 Block 60 fleet. Karim Shaib / AFP via Getty Images

    UAE, Libya Request US Arms Purchases

    While Iraq's request to purchase Apache attack helicopters and Hellfire missiles has garnered headlines this week, two other regional countries have received approval to buy US military equipment.

    • Jan. 29, 2014
    NATO has signed contracts worth $200 million since August 2010 to increase literacy among Afghan forces. NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan

    Despite Literacy Push, Up to Half of Afghan Forces Still Can't Read

    Despite making literacy a key component of the training of Afghan soldiers and police officers, as much as half of the force recruited since 2009 could be illiterate, a new US government special inspector's report says.

    • Jan. 28, 2014
    Changes Coming: US Army leaders have talked about cutting soldiers from brigades and replacing them with unmanned platforms. US Army

    US Army Leaders Preview Lighter, Faster Service

    Taken separately, several speeches, briefings and interviews conducted by US Army leadership over the past two weeks don't necessarily look like anything special.

    • Jan. 28, 2014
    Thomas de Maiziere, left, hands over his office as German defense minister to Ursula von der Leyen by inspecting a military honor guard with her. Agence France-Presse

    Report: German Military Has Reached Its Operational Limits

    The German military is stretched to its limits, and the goals of the ongoing restructuring program might not be reached, the parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces said.

    • Jan. 28, 2014
    Used Gear: Finland's acquisition of Leopard tanks from the Netherlands was part of Finnish efforts to control costs. A German Leopard tank is shown here. US Army

    Finland Purchasing Secondhand Equipment to Protect Core Budget

    Higher demands being placed on the Finnish military's cost-reduction programs are driving the Armed Forces Command (AFC) to emphasize the acquisition of secondhand equipment.

    • Jan. 28, 2014
    Intermediate Jet Trainer Hindustan Aeronautics

    Indian AF, Tired of Delays, Looks Overseas for Trainer

    The Indian Air Force, losing patience awaiting an indigenous intermediate jet trainer (IJT) that is seven years overdue, wants to purchase a trainer aircraft overseas, an Air Force source said.

    • Jan. 27, 2014
    Long Overdue: Canadian and Sikorsky Aircraft officials will try to reach an agreement on delivery of the CH-148 Cyclone, which still has not met all of the Royal Canadian Air Force's standards. Canadian Forces

    Canada, Sikorsky Talk Controversial Cyclone Helo

    Sikorsky and Canadian government officials hope to hammer out an agreement by March that will outline the delivery schedule for the controversial Cyclone helicopter, putting into service an aircraft that has yet to meet Royal Canadian Air Force requiremen

    • Jan. 27, 2014
    Like the CT-4E Airtrainers, above, they will replace, the new T-6C aircraft are expected to sport the yellow-and-black color scheme the Royal New Zealand Air Force has designated for trainers. Royal New Zealand Air Force

    New Zealand Picks T-6C for Pilot Training

    New Zealand will buy 11 T-6C turboprop aircraft to be used for pilot training, Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman announced.

    • Jan. 27, 2014
    New Soldiers: A group of former rebels who have joined the ranks of the Libyan Army board a plane Jan. 9 heading to Italy to receive training under a plan to rebuild the Army. Agence France-Presse

    Training of Libyan Recruits May Spur Procurement Deals

    More than 300 Libyan Army recruits have arrived in Italy for basic training, part of a program that seeks to provide the struggling Libyan government with a viable military force, but may also kick-start Tripoli's stalled defense procurement program.

    • Jan. 24, 2014
    The Army Capability Integration Center (ARCIC), led by Lt. Gen. Keith Walker, supports the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in designing requirements and developing strategic and operational direction for the service. Mike Morones/Staff

    Interview: Lt. Gen. Keith Walker

    The Army Capability Integration Center (ARCIC), led by Lt. Gen. Keith Walker, supports the US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in designing requirements and developing strategic and operational direction for the service. Sometimes called the “Army’s think tank,” ARCIC also helps combatant commanders evaluate capabilities they need to equip troops in the field.

    • Jan. 23, 2014
    Leonard Genna is president of L-3 Link Simulation & Training. L-3 Link Simulation & Training

    Interview: Leonard Genna, President of L-3 Link Simulation & Training

    Last month, the US military simulation and training community gathered at the I/ITSEC show in Orlando, Fla.

    • Jan. 13, 2014
    Big Seller: The flexible, modular RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator produced by L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK, formerly part of Thales, is used worldwide to train civil aircrews. Business Wire

    Civil Training, Sim Market Could Boost Defense Firms

    While defense budgets are on a downswing, commercial aviation is booming, creating a demand for civilian pilots that some in the defense simulation and training business hope to take advantage of.

    • Jan. 10, 2014
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