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Combat Shapes Danish Battlefield Management Tech

Aug. 14, 2012 - 01:45PM   |  
By GERARD O’DWYER   |   Comments
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COPENHAGEN — The Danish military will roll out the full suite of the SitaWare battlefield management and front-line command-and-control software forcewide over the next 12 months, as years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have sharpened focus on battlefield networks.

SitaWare, built by Danish company Systematic, was developed in close cooperation with the military, and its operating programs are heavily influenced by the combat tactics and experiences of Danish unit commanders returning from service in Iraq, during 2003-2007, and in Afghanistan since 2001.

The armed forces’ greater attention to battlefield systems, and in particular combat security and efficiency when operating as part of a multinational force, such as the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, was again visible in June. That’s when the Denmark Acquisition and Logistics Organization signed a $13.5 million agreement with Systematic to roll out unlimited user access for the full SitaWare battlefield management suite for the Army, Air Force and Navy.

The high number of injuries and fatalities suffered by the Danish armed forces in Afghanistan and government initiatives to improve troop safety are driving the investment in programs to improve battle management, situational awareness, and soldier and vehicle protection. As of early August, Denmark, whose 750 ground troops operate mainly in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, had lost 42 soldiers in Afghanistan since 2003, the most fatalities among ISAF allies per capita of population.

SitaWare, including its integral battle management parts, reflects not only military input but how modern coalition interoperability should work, said Michael Holm, Systematics’ CEO.

The defense forces’ input into SitaWare means the Danish military acquires integrated solutions tailored to its needs, said Lt. Gen. Per Pugholm Olsen, DALO’s commander general.

SitaWare’s Headquarters and Frontline systems are specifically designed for unit commanders operating in hostile environments and deliver a clear operational picture with rapid updates of friendly force tracking and locations, Holm said.

Frontline’s battle management capability enables it to communicate with SitaWare Headquarters, a technology platform that supports headquarters staff in planning and executing operations using a comprehensive set of tools for Command and Central, operational planning and situational awareness. The off-the-shelf SitaWare Headquarters was recently approved by NATO for use on ISAF’s Afghan Mission Network.

The SitaWare suite also includes SitaWare Headquarters WebCOP, which provides joint staffs and task force commanders with a detailed battle zone picture of large-scale operations and movements of friendly troops and hostiles.

The battle management capability features functions such as an advanced Geographical Information System using 2-D and 3-D map control, real-time blue force tracking, route planning, order of battle task management and plan overlays supported by tactical graphics. The result is a system that can quickly harvest large quantities of information from military and civilian data feeds, including plans from underlying C2 systems, to generate a common operational picture for land, maritime, air and joint operations, Holm said.

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