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Senators Support U.S. Navy Multi-Buys

May. 4, 2012 - 04:21PM   |  
By CHRISTOPHER P. CAVAS   |   Comments
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A bipartisan group of six senators has pledged support for an effort to buy an extra submarine and destroyer in 2014 — cuts the U.S. Navy said were made for budgetary reasons, but would work with Congress to find ways to restore.

The senators also support the Navy’s request for multi-year procurement (MYP) authority for the next batches of submarines and destroyers.

They would approve the request for a ten-ship destroyer MYP, but increase the rate of production by restoring a ship to 2014 — cut by the Navy from two ships to one.

The group also supports expanding the nine-ship submarine MYP request to ten ships, and buying two submarines in 2014 rather than the one boat in the Obama administration’s budget request.

The destroyer MYP covers ships bought from 2013 through 2017, while the submarine MYP covers those boats bought from 2014 to 2018.

All six are members of the Seapower subcommittee. Aside from the chairman and ranking member, only Sen. Kay Hagan, R-N.C., was not a signatory.

The subcommittee has scheduled its markups for the 2013 defense authorization bill for May 22, but its deliberations will be closed to the public.

The Republican-led House Armed Services subcommittees held their markups publicly on April 26 and 27. Those markups also supported a ten-ship submarine MYP and the 10-ship destroyer MYP request, and the addition of a submarine and destroyer to the 2014 budget.

The House proposed adding $778 million in advanced procurement for the additional 2014 submarine, but hasn’t yet explained how the additional 2014 destroyer would be funded.

In their letter, the group of six senators asked for “sufficient” advanced procurement funds to restore the second submarine in 2014, “resourced from funds outside the shipbuilding account.”

The extra destroyer in 2014, the senators said, would be funded from up to $1.5 billion in savings from the destroyer MYP.

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